Current weeks have seen Sony kick the beta marketing for the PS5 right into equipment, and as the console’s November launch comes better, Sony are beginning to reveal an increasing number of it. In a just recently submitted video, they show the console’s hardware up close and thoroughly.

The video clip begins revealing the PS5’s measurements (yes, it still looks massive), reveals us the console’s connectivity ports, exactly how the console stand operates and also exactly how it can be used to position the PS5 both up and down as well as flat, and also formally validates that the PS5’s white side panels are detachable, as has been unofficially recognized for some time currently.

Adhering To that, the video gives a comprehensive look of the console’s innards. It concentrates rather a bit on the console’s air conditioning system and also follower, and also talks about Sony have tried to make it both reliable and quiet. The video likewise reveals us the Blu-Ray drive, the Zen 2 processor, the GPU, the GDDR6 RAM, the SSD, and a great deal extra.

The PS5 launches in some areas of the globe on November 12 and also all over else on November19 Sony have actually stated that they will be introducing the console’s UX and also UI soon too, so let’s hope that’s not far away either.