It can be unsubstantiated in some cases since we still do not have some basic and essential details, however we are, in fact, a few months far from the launch of a new generation of consoles. Both Microsoft and also Sony are going headfirst right into the holidays, as well as there’s all type of things to obtain thrilled for: the SSDs, the resolution and also ray-tracing capabilities and for the PS5 specifically there’s likewise the much discussed DualSense as well as its haptic responses. But there’s really much more subtle points under the hood to get excited around, as well, such as some quality of life improvements.

Brazilian site Tecnoblog unearthed the PS5’s cordless specifications, which you can see listed below. To compare, the original PS4’s optimum speed was 300 mbps, while the 5th generation PS4 Slim as well as PS4 Pro chips were a maximum of 3.5 gbps.

The PS5 will be nearly entirely updated with Bluetooth 5.1 (5.2 just came out, so they missed the most recent variation by just a bit). The original PS4 delivered with just variation 2.1 as well as the PS4 Pro had Bluetooth 4.0.

You can see the complete spec sheet listed below.