Sony and Microsoft are preparing to release their particular next-gen consoles in a few months’ time, and also both will be hoping for success with their new equipment. According to a new record by expert firm DFC Knowledge, however, Sony will likely end up seeing a whole lot more success- at least from a hardware sales viewpoint.

As per DFC Knowledge, Sony will have breached 100 million devices sold for the PS5 by the end of 2024, making it their 3rd house console to do so. The company likewise anticipates that it will certainly outsell the Xbox Collection X 2:1, owing to the PlayStation being extra internationally prominent.

DFC Knowledge’s report does point out, nonetheless, that despite substantially lower sales than the PS5, the Xbox Collection X as well as Microsoft’s method to next-gen will possibly cause greater success in the lasting. With Xbox Game Pass being Microsoft’s primary emphasis in their brand-new system-agnostic community, raw hardware sales for their next-gen gaming consoles probably won’t be the only metric to gauge success by.

Another current record lately anticipated similar sales for both consoles, claiming that the PS5 will certainly outsell the Xbox Series X 2:1 and also will probably have offered 120 million devices worldwide in a matter of 5 years. You can read more on that through right here.

Obviously, it deserves mentioning that vital variables for both gaming consoles are still unknown- most significantly, the rate. The Xbox Collection X is scheduled to get more details later on this month, while the PS5 will additionally apparently be receiving new information soon, so probably we’ll find out more about that in the coming days.