We have actually been becoming aware of the PS5’s SSD as well as just how it will, among other points, considerably lower load times in next-gen games. Recently, nonetheless, we’ve likewise been seeing it at work occasionally. Most recently, we got to see it for the just recently revealed Adversary May Cry 5: Special Edition

As identified over on the ResetEra online forums, a Japanese network recently published a hands-on video clip of the PS5, in which they showcased gameplay from numerous titles. Among these was Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, as well as the video clip reveals the game taking 4 secs to pack into a goal. On a PS4, comparative, the exact same mission takes about 22 seconds to tons (you can compare both in the timestamped videos listed below).

In fact, it appears load times have actually been reduced so dramatically on the PS5 that Capcom have also added a “press X to proceed” timely to actually enable players to read the ideas and also tricks the game shows during packing displays.

Adversary May Cry 5: Special Edition launches for Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Collection S on November 10 as well as for PS5 on November12 Capcom currently have no strategies to bring the broadened re-release to COMPUTER. One of the game’s new features– ray-tracing– will not be in the Xbox Collection X/S release at launch.

You can likewise enjoy even more gameplay footage through below.