The PS5 will not be running PS1, PS2, or PS3 video games through backward compatibility, however as Sony have promised a number of times now, the substantial bulk (99%, based on PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan) of PS4 games will be usable on the upcoming next-gen console. And also a few of them will even run better on the PS5 than they natively did on the PS4.

Sony has actually mentioned a few times that the PS5’s backwards compatibility will allow some video games to run at increased structure prices thanks to system-level enhancements, and also they’re currently touting that on the console’s official internet page. The web page in question mentions that “choose” PS4 and PlayStation Virtual Reality titles will include “much faster as well as smoother structure rates” on the PS5. Take a look at the screencap listed below.

What “choose video games” involves in terms of quantity or which video games will make it for this curated schedule stays to be seen, but it is a great bonus to have for potential proprietors of the PS5.

The PS5 will certainly introduce in some areas of the globe on November 12, as well as all over else on November19 Sony just recently issued an apology for the same, while assuring higher available through the end of the year- read more on that through below.