Many thanks to a current round of hands-on impressions and also previous from the Japanese media, there’s been a fair bit of PS5 news of late. From seeing brand-new photos revealing the console’s equipment to commend being offered for the console’s lack of fan noise, there’s been rather a lot to stay on par with.

With these same sneak peeks, we also learn fascinating details regarding the DualSense controller.

You can take a look whatsoever the photos in the gallery below.

Surprisingly enough, an additional new information that’s emerged from these menus as well as additionally been validated by Sony’s Public Relations to Japanese media (by means of @Cheesemeister3k on Twitter) is that the DualSense will currently approve the X button to verify widely. That’s constantly been the case in western markets, but in Japan, X has been cancel while O has actually been verify given that the PS1 period. I ‘d envision this change will not be received well by Japanese target markets, especially given that now Sony doesn’t also appear to be giving an option to remap that.

In associated news, a recent leakage purportedly show’s the console’s startup UI together with a black DualSense controller. It additionally seems like the PS5 will certainly have 664 GB of functional interior storage.