Sony have actually attracted a pretty clear line between the PS4 and PS5 and their corresponding console generations, even with something like devices. One accessory, however, that it will certainly be sustaining as is PlayStation Virtual Reality. Lately, some brand-new information have actually emerged that make clear how exactly PSVR will be linked to the PS5.

For starters, the PS5 HD Camera, which includes double lenses (as well as sets you back $60), will certainly not work with PSVR- it appears it’s suggested only for videotaping as well as transmitting functions. If you desire to run PSVR, you’re going to need to the exact same PS Cam as well as electronic camera adapter that you need to play PSVR games on PS4.

This was confirmed by Sony at first in a support Frequently Asked Question, and then recently in an extra detailed blog past speaking about the PS5’s in reverse compatibility.

The PSVR games that you do use PS5 may feature improvements, with Sony having actually promised “much faster as well as smoother framework prices” in select PSVR video games.