3rd party console exclusives have become reasonably uncommon in the games market as time has actually gone on, however it seems they appear to be picking up with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both consoles have actually already introduced a reasonable few of these currently, with Xbox Series X boasting the similarity The Medium as well as STALKER 2, and also heavyweights such as Project Athia, Deathloop, and GhostWire: Tokyo having actually vowed exclusivity to the PS5.

As far as the PS5 is worried, it seems there’s still much more 3rd party exclusives involving the console that have yet to be introduced. Talking lately during a podcast released by Rand al Thor 19 on YoTube, Widows Central author Jez Corden claimed that he’s listened to Sony has many more “major” third party exclusivity handle place that they haven’t yet talked about.

Rumours as well as speculation always flood the web at the beginning of brand-new console generations, so it’s best not to put too much supply in anything that doesn’t originated from official networks, however taking into consideration Sony’s record, that doesn’t feel like much of a stretch. One would certainly think that like the first video game, Last Dream 7 Remake Component 2 ( or whatever it ends up being called) will certainly additionally be unique to PlayStation, while there have actually likewise been more than a couple of rumours concerning a Silent Hillside reboot being special to the PS5.

When Sony could announce these major third party exclusives– if they’re real– remains to be seen, but with a PS5-focused State of Play greatly rumoured for this month, it’s possible that we may listen to more about them soon.