We are very close now to the launch of Sony’s PS5, their next generation console. What we seemingly are not close to is a brand-new Virtual Reality headset from the company. While they have hinted that they will continue with the technology and boosting it, as of now there’s just hearsay and also reports concerning a possible PSVR 2. The original headset will certainly still be compatible with the PS5 with an adapter, and Sony (at least in Japan) is assisting brand-new purchasers out.

It was recognized that the PS5 Cam would not be straight compatible with the current VR established up awhile back. As detected by Gamekult, it seems that more recent PSVR packages striking Japan do have the adapter that will certainly allow you to hook up your headset to the new system.

Nothing authorities has been said regarding it, so it’s unclear if this is just for Japan or if it’ll be the same instance globally. Considering this implies that it’ll probably be a great while before we obtain the legendary PSVR 2, it’s very possible it’ll be basic for upcoming packages all over.