Sony have been surprisingly stingy with how much information they have actually revealed on the PS5 in the weeks and months prior to its launch, as well as when they have actually picked to reveal it. Among things that they still haven’t said anything about is the PS5’s interface, which is apparently a total overhaul of what we currently carry the PS4.

Whatever that brand-new UI will wind up being, it appears it will certainly play right into the console’s backwards compatibility features also. As just recently detailed, the PS5 will be able to play just about less than a lots PS4 video games at launch. In a blog upgrade talking about the very same, Sony also teased a few other fascinating new backwards compatibility features- such as capitalizing on a few of the new UX features in the PS5.

” PS4 video games will certainly likewise benefit from a few of PS5’s brand-new UX features, however even more to find on that later on,” the upgrade teased.

Sony have previously claimed that details on the PS5’s new user experience will be coming soon– it’s most likely that these backwards compatibility attributes will certainly be outlined during that disclose.

In this very same update, Sony likewise confirmed that the PS5 HD Cam will not be compatible with PlayStation Virtual Reality. Learn more on that through here.