Pet Crossing: New Horizons has far and away been one of the most rapturously successful video games of this year, whether as a result of the reality that it’s a game numerous have actually latched on to during the pandemic, or because it’s just that damn great- or perhaps a combination of both. Throughout their recent quarterly economic meeting, Nintendo offered upgraded sales numbers on the life sim title, as well as its numbers are unsurprisingly excellent.

41 million units worldwide, which suggests it managed to sell about 9 million systems in the complying with 2 months. It’s also worth noting that these numbers only account for sales up until June 30, which implies that by now, it’s very likely standing at a much higher number.

Nintendo also cites Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a massive reason for lots of people having actually picked up the Switch, saying that people that played the console for the first time because of the video game continued to enhance throughout the fiscal quarter, which of all brand-new Switch gaming consoles made use of for the very first time during this period, over half of them were utilized to play Animal Crossing on their initial day.

Nintendo just recently likewise updated the Change’s hardware numbers, verifying that it has now shipped over 61 million systems worldwide.