Guerrilla Games has actually released a brand-new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, which serves to boost performance and deal with a number of collisions. Some of these include a solution for a crash that occurs when beginning a brand-new video game while all conserve video game ports are full.

In terms of enhancements to performance, players should see enhanced performance for camera cuts throughout discussions and cinematics. Issues connected to pop-in, computer mouse sensitivity as well as so on have additionally been repaired.
Guerrilla Gamings is still spending issues like an “out of memory” error that takes place during the optimization procedure and also setups like anisotropic filtering or HDR not functioning. Keep tuned for more details on fixes in the coming weeks.

Crash Solutions:

  • Took care of a crash that might happen when customers would certainly develop a new video game as well as their save video game ports were complete
  • Fixed a start-up collision pertaining to temp folder
  • Took care of an AI collision that might occur throughout battle
  • Dealt with an AI collision in the EventMessageHandler
  • Took care of an accident pertaining to WorldData tasting (the callstack would certainly finish in WorldMapData:: SampleAtPixel)
  • Dealt with a crash when individuals would quickly back out when altering sliders in the Settings menu
  • Repaired an accident that would happen when having the “Greetings” alternative open in photo mode and after that leaving
  • Potential fix for memory corruption in AI regimens which could bring about crashes
  • Prospective repair for a GPU hang brought on by a threading issue
  • Repaired a mismatch that would take place on Shader Version 6.0 as well as 6.1 hardware which might lead to a crash

Efficiency improvements:

  • General enhancement to CPU efficiency (relying on CPU/GPU speeds, this can cause a 1-10% performance enhancement)
  • Improved performance of electronic camera cuts in cinematics and discussions

Other Improvements:

  • HDR– Fixed colour banding concerns in HDR mode
  • Computer Mouse Controls– Dealt with a concern where mouse sensitivity was inaccurate when framerate had not been consistent
  • Aiming– Fixed a concern where Aloy was unable to shoot while having the ability to do an important strike near a device
  • Cutscenes– Took care of a problem where geometry and also appearances would certainly appear after cam cuts
  • Flexible Performance– Took care of an issue where lighting glitches would certainly take place when switching on Flexible Efficiency
  • Volumetrics– Fixed a problem which can create blinking artifacts in volumetric effects, like fog
  • Presence– Took care of a problem which can often create geometry to briefly disappear after streaming