It’s been a busy time for the Personality series these last couple of months, with numerous releases across multiple platforms, from the western launch of Personality 5 Royal, to the Japanese launch of Character 5 Scramble: The Phantom Demonstrator, and the Vapor release of Character 4 Golden All 3 of those, as it ends up, have actually delighted in business success.

Atlus have actually introduced updates sales figures for all three launches, as well as each has actually excited with its numbers, to differing levels. Character 5 Royal has marketed 1.4 million systems worldwide, while Character 5 Shuffle: The Phantom Strikers has marketed over 480,000 devices in Japan and also Asia- a western launch for the activity title is also intended, however an exact launch day is yet to be nailed down.

On The Other Hand, Personality 4 Golden — which has been unsurprisingly successful on Steam– has sold 500,000 devices because its launch on the digital store front. Every one of this jointly takes the complete sales for the Persona collection to over 13 million devices worldwide, up from 11.1 million systems in December 2019.

So yeah, information flash- individuals acquire Character video games.