In 2014 we saw the remake of Panzer Dragoon from Forever Entertainment. While there was some blended function to the game, it helped to revitalize a lengthy dormant franchise business with a second one in the jobs. Now the designer behind that remake, Forever Entertainment, will be dealing with another big Japanese publisher.

It was announced that For life is now partnering with Square Enix to do remakes of a home for them. It was said that the remakes would consist of updated graphics however retain the very same tales and also gameplay from the original, which resembles what the business made with Panzer Dragoon

The IP in concern is not named right here. Most likely it’s not one of Square’s larger homes, such as a Final Dream or Dragon Mission, as the business would certainly do those inside on their own. Even for their smaller sized franchise business, such as the upcoming Legend Frontier remaster, the company does themselves. However Square has a ton of homes, also some western ones from their purchase years ago of Eidos. Hopefully, we’ll learn quickly.