After numerous long months of little to no updates, Grinding Equipment Gamings gave significant new information on Course of Expatriation 2 at the recent ExileCon, showcasing new gameplay footage from Act 2 and also outlining whatever from brand-new enemies to new tools and also much more. Something else that the programmer highlighted was the visual upgrades that are being made to the game over its predecessor- but that may end up coming at a price.

Wilson likewise verified that cross-play is being looked right into, yet once again, stopped short of validating anything.

With how Path of Exile 2 is being structured as well as the reality that it will certainly share its endgame with the very first game, it must be interesting to see exactly how next-gen exclusivity for the video game will function, if that does undoubtedly wind up taking place.

Path of Expatriation 2 is currently due out time in 2022, with its manufacturing having consulted with COVID-related difficulties. A more specific launch day is yet to be revealed.