Techland’s Perishing Light 2 will receive an advancement update on March 17 th, more than a year after its initial delay. Reports have actually distributed concerning monitoring problems and various other difficulties, though the workshop just recently ensured that the follow up isn’t in development heck. Over on the video game’s Discord (shared by darkghost38 on Reddit), area manager Uncy offered a little bit a lot more info on what to anticipate from the upgrade.

First, he kept in mind that there won’t be a release day statement. Considering that there’s no announcement for a launch date, there likewise won’t be any kind of delay statements, which is a good means of looking at it.

Uncy likewise attended to fears of the video game being cancelled, which will not be occurring. Could there be new gameplay showcased? The termination of previous-gen versions? We’ll need to wait on even more information in the coming days.

Dying Light 2 is presently slated for Xbox One, PS4 and COMPUTER, and also will certainly likewise be a cross-gen title.