Individuals Can Fly’s Outriders is just one of the significant brand-new releases of following month and also we’ve heard a fair bit regarding the story. Humanity takes a trip to Enoch and after a mystical storm, select members of the exploration gain extremely powers. What are the origins of the expedition? A new computer animated trailer supplies some solutions.

As “No Turning Back” exposes, the expedition isn’t humanity’s finest and brightest but the supposed declines. In-game, you’ll begin in the Last City as well as venture to the wilderness in search of an odd signal, perhaps figuring out humankind’s future along the means.

Make no mistake however– Outriders is a looter shooter with an emphasis on third person gunplay as well as capabilities. Along with a meaty project, it will certainly additionally have a post-game where players can gain far better loot by handling difficult Exploration missions. It’s out on April 1st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, COMPUTER and also Google Stadia.