Othercide, Light bulb Staff’s turn based tactical RPG, launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in late July, as well as was met quite strong function from doubters as well as target markets alike. The video game has actually been confirmed to be involving the Switch for a while, though it didn’t introduce on it together with the other versions.

If you have actually been awaiting the video game’s Switch over launch before you take the plunge, there’s excellent news- you won’t have to wait a lot longer. Requiring to Twitter via the game’s official account, the Othercide designers verified that their RPG will certainly be concerning the Change a week from currently, on September 10.

With its striking black-white-and-red visual aesthetic, its grim setup, as well as its concentrate on difficulty, Othercide has actually captured the focus of quite a few individuals in the weeks since it introduced, so Change proprietors will probably be eyeing this one with some inquisitiveness. If you, also, wonder about the video game, you can discover more about it via our recent meeting with its developers.