Not just is The Tool a next generation-only title coming to the Xbox Series consoles in December, they’re also launching a new version of Blair Witch for Oculus Mission 2 at the end of this month. To cover it off for both Sony and also Microsoft, they will have Onlooker: System Redux

Today, Bloober made a decision to release a meeting with the late Rutger Hauer. While he’s mainly known for his duty in 1982’s Blade Jogger together with his iconic rips in the rain speech, he had a storied profession as a star over the last a number of decades. He played a key part in Onlooker, his very first video game role. The meeting was originally carried out in 2017, and offers now as a homage to the guy and also his role. Hauer died in July of2019 System Redux is a remaster of that title, and seems to be a quite impressive graphical dive, and also will certainly additionally include Hauer’s likeness and voice from the 2017 original.

Observer: System Redux will release alongside the PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection X and also Xbox Series S. The COMPUTER version will certainly come alongside the Xbox systems on November 10 th.