Following week we’re have the ability to once more go back to the enigmatic Oddworld with Soulstorm The game looks to take another look at the traditional collection, once more putting us in the footsteps of Abe as he need to partake in a dangerous trip. And also he will do a whole lot, as well as there’s no exaggeration. The game has heaps to do, and also today we got a look at the numerous tasks our hero will have at his non reusable.

The game’s official YouTube launched a ton of ‘Quick Look’ video clips highlighting the lots of elements of the game. Points like crafting, loot, sneaking and also the general settings are all covered. You can have a look at all videos in full below. It appears to be a pretty extensive take a look at what you’ll be doing within Abe’s new quest.

Oddworld: Soulstorm will certainly release on April Sixth for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 (of which there will certainly be a cost-free upgrade choice), as well as PC, and also you can check out the full PC needs through right here.