Insect Manufacture has revealed that Say Goodbye To Heroes 3, initially slated to release this year, has been delayed. It’s now targeting a 2021 launch. The delay results from growth being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to supervisor Goichi Suda on Twitter

The growth team is back on its feet currently as well as is looking to focus on top quality as well as polish, resulting in the hold-up.

There is another upgrade. The Children illustrator Darick Robertson is validated to be providing initial images for the task. The first can be seen below, labelled “Demzamtiger & & His Master.” Suda promised a lot more statements and news for the title in the coming months so remain tuned.

No More Heroes 3 is presently in growth exclusively for the Nintendo Switch over. It sees Travis Touchdown going back to Santa Destroy to fight a new age of intergalactic assassins.