Hi Games’ No Man’s Skies continues to grow with its most recent update, Explorations, available now on all systems. It introduces a brand-new video game setting called Expeditions, which supply a distinct motif, “bespoke” challenges by means of Landmarks as well as unique benefits. Gamers start with a randomized character and set of innovations– as soon as the Expedition has wrapped up, its rewards will not be readily available.

Brand-new Explorations will certainly be included frequently and also players can embark on Shared Expeditions, where every person begins at a set factor in the universe. As you total Turning points, you’ll earn one out of 100 hand-crafted patches. Complete various stages of Explorations and you’ll net benefits like a golden starship and also helmet, a gold-fringed flag, a light-weight jetpack and also more (which belong to the Pioneers Expedition). Various other brand-new functions include an overhaul to Space Station objectives with higher level goals having rebalanced benefits.

Weekend break events have actually additionally been added, allowing all gamers to participate as well as make Quicksilver. Sentinels have also been transformed, supplying a greater obstacle for players as well as more dynamic fight. The in-game HUD has actually additionally been revamped, making it less complicated to check out while using up much less room on one’s screen. Take a look at the full scale of adjustments below.

3.3 Patch Notes


  • Exploration Mode is a brand-new game mode, accessed by beginning a brand-new video game.
  • In Expedition Setting there is no tutorial as well as the Artemis goal course does not instantly begin.
  • In Exploration mode gamers start with a randomised ship, Multi-Tool and personality customisation set. Their starting innovation is likewise randomised.
  • Every gamer beginning an exploration starts on the same planet.
  • Explorations are time restricted. Players have a fixed period in which to finish an one-of-a-kind set of new difficulties.
  • Finishing obstacles awards a goal spot and also opens incentives to assist your progress. These challenges, called turning points, can be taken on in any kind of order.
  • The Exploration Page will reveal all earned goal spots, along with track key exploration stats.
  • Turning points can be pinned as your active objective by means of the Exploration Page, which offers targeted advice towards their objective.
  • A number of milestones call for a see to a Rendezvous Point. These specify factors in the galaxy at which all players are needed to check in order to complete the exploration.
  • Turning points are grouped right into phases. Finishing all the landmarks in a phase will open exclusive rewards, such as new customisation options.
  • The stage incentives for the very first expedition consist of a brand-new style of firework, a brand-new banner, a brand-new title, a new base part, an unique gold Very first Spawn safety helmet, a new jetpack design and also a golden variation of the famous Alpha Vector starship.
  • As soon as opened, these incentives can be retrieved on any kind of save by seeing the Quicksilver Synthesis Friend on the Space Anomaly.
  • When the time offered to finish the exploration is up, no further benefits will be made. The conserve will certainly convert into a Regular Mode save as well as can be utilized to proceed playing.
  • Some milestones honor supply slots. These can be retrieved quickly or their token given the Space Station and also used by means of the Exosuit Upgrade Terminal.
  • On key expedition worlds, protections have been established to make sure that resource collection is not integrated throughout the whole playerbase, preventing exhaustion of the world.