It presents Derelict Freighters as a new area experience for gamers, letting them discover and loot them for salvage and various other incentives. Each derelict is procedurally created with different designs for each star system however appealing scaries also wait for, as the trailer listed below showcases.

Along with combating drones and turrets, players will likewise encounter a “new variety of biological scary”. You’ll also learn what occurred to the staff aboard the derelict and also acquire more tradition from the captain’s log. If you like searching derelicts, then go to the Scrap Supplier on the Spaceport station to acquire an Emergency situation Broadcast Receiver (with prices resetting every day).

Obviously, there’s a whole lot a lot more. You can utilize the Upgrade Terminal on the truck bridge to recolor your freighters; manage truck inventory with brand-new tabs in the freighter base’s Storage space Containers; and also even develop teleporters in freighter bases. The update is presently live for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Look into the complete spot notes below for even more details.

2.6 Spot Notes

  • Included a new group of space experience, the Derelict Freighter. These can be arrived at and also discovered.
    — Run-down trucks are procedurally generated, with an infinite array of possible layouts.
    — Run-down trucks include large volumes of valuable salvage, along with special brand-new incentives.
    — Each galaxy has one abandoned truck style, permitting Visitors to share the portal address of systems with especially interesting accidents.
  • Run-down trucks are home to a number of brand-new aggressive entities, consisting of protection turrets, aggressive drones, and a new selection of organic scary.
  • Abandoned freighters consist of procedurally created tales, with information logs to be located as well as the crew’s destiny to be untangled.
  • New lore and also story material can be located when retrieving the captain’s log.
  • Derelict freighters are occasionally discovered by the starships’ subspace radar while utilizing Pulse Drive. They can be particularly looked for out by buying an Emergency situation Broadcast Receiver from the Area Station’s brand-new Scrap Dealer.
  • Emergency Broadcast Receivers are costly and may escalate in accordance with need. Rates reset daily.
  • Every week, Version Helios supplies a totally free Emergency Program Receiver.
  • Abandoned trucks supply lots of rewarding incentives: (1) Valuable items and also a multitude of nanites. (2) The chance to offer the data logs for nanites or standing. (3) The capability to use the abandoned truck’s design system to extract a piece of the freighter’s innovation to suit your own capital ship. (4) The ability to utilize the run-down freighter’s engineering system to create brand-new stock slots for your funding ship. Take new expandable bulkheads to the Upgrade Station on your freighter bridge to apply them.