A new upgrade is available for Nioh 2 in the wake of The Tengu’s Disciple DLC launch in July. It adds somewhat much more content with the new Image Scrolls having opponents and bosses from the DLC.

Essentially, there ought to be a boost in look of Unique Results from equipment that goes down from opponents. You can likewise anticipate an increase in the minimal worth of the Unique Effects, which need to remove too much deviance from the max value (which making the latter simpler to show up).

Other modifications include the “Disperse Bullets and also Arrows (Timely Guard)” skill having the ability to deflect various other projectiles. While Amrita and Gold rewards from Bakegani and Nuppeppo have been decreased, the amount acquired from managers in the DLC has been increased. For even more details on upgrade 1.14 and it’s changes, check out the patch keeps in mind listed below.