Together With The Tengu’s Devotee DLC being available, a new upgrade is live for Group Ninja’s Nioh 2 The former brings numerous new story objectives, a new trouble establishing called “Desire for the Devil”, new Guardian State of minds and a new tool called the Splitstaff. What does update 1.11 use cost-free for all players?

To begin with, it includes a brand-new attribute called the Demon Ceremony Picture Scroll. These will go down from opponents in New Game Plus also known as Dream of the Strong difficulty.

Brand-new Ninja and also Onmyo Magic abilities have been added along with brand-new hairstyles, body and face markings in the character designer.

Have a look at the complete upgrade notes in the tweet listed below for more details. Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Devotee is consisted of with the $1999 Period Pass yet can additionally be bought for $9.99 individually.

Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Added Web Content: “The Tengu’s Adherent”

The extra material, “The Tengu’s Adherent,” will be available for purchase.

  • The brand-new story, “The Tengu’s Devotee,” has been included. (Completion of the Nioh 2 major tale is required to play “The Tengu’s Disciple.”)
    New tool “Splitstaff” has actually been included. (Can be acquired from the very start.)
  • Hardest Difficulty is now available.
  • Difficulty setup “Desire for the Demon.”
  • ” Imagine the Demon” can be unlocked by completing “Dream of the Solid.”
  • In “Imagine the Demon” there are a lot more effective things/ spirit cores/ scrolls to be obtained, gamer max level rise, and also the restriction of the + values in heart matching have actually additionally boosted.
  • Brand-new Yokai and also Soul Cores have been added.
  • New Guardian Spirits have actually been added.
  • Brand-new Weapons and also Armor have been added.
  • New Art of Fight skills have actually been included.
  • New Gestures as well as Improvements have been added.
    New Trophies, Titles, and also Play Records have actually been added.
    New special results and set bonus offers for tools can have been contributed to the brand-new problem “Dream of Satanic force.”

Free Update

  • A brand-new function, “Devil Parade Image Scroll,” has actually been added.
  • Devil Ceremony Picture Scrolls can be dropped from adversaries beat in objectives readied to difficulties “Imagine the solid” and above.
  • You can play Image Scroll Objectives using Satanic force Ceremony Photo Scrolls.
  • Upon clearing the mission, Demon Ceremony Photo Scrolls can be furnished, making it feasible to become stronger than before.
  • Demon Parade Photo Scrolls are not just come by enemies, but can additionally be gotten from various other users with multiplayer setting and also Bloody Tomb.
  • Image Scroll Missions can be had fun with others via Expedition setting.
  • New Ninja Abilities and Onmyo Magic Abilities have actually been included.
  • Brand-new character production options for hairstyles, face markings, and also body markings have been added, in addition to a setup for the bathing activity.