Koei Tecmo’s Nioh 2 will be receiving its first paid DLC this month with The Tengu’s Disciple. To provide a better idea of what fans can expect, there will be a live stream on July 29th with the developer. And as a tease, the official Nioh 2 Twitter posted a GIF with a new weapon. Check it out below.

This staff weapon enables extensive reach by holding down the button along with increasing the number of possible hits. If you’ve seen the Lunar Staff in Ninja Gaiden, this seems to be similar and should be a welcome alternative to the Spear and Odachi. Stay tuned for more details next week when the stream goes live.

Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple sees the protagonist heading to Yashima and picking up a whistle called Sohayamaru. The Yokai are somehow involved so it’s up to the player to save the day again. Along with new weapons and armor, there will also be new Guardian Spirits and skills (likely involving the new staff). You can also expect additional difficulty levels for end-game. The Tengu’s Disciple launches on July 30th for PS4.