Nintendo’s Change is currently entering its fourth year on the market, and it reveals no indicators of reducing down anytime quickly. The system will potentially come out this year as well as see some upgraded specs, as well as if brand-new reports are to be thought, some exclusive titles.

On the ResetERA video gaming forums, a supposed insider going by Dark Cloud said that the Pro would certainly have some exclusive titles. He’s an unidentified name, yet another user by the name of NateDrake backed up his asserting, saying, “There will be some select exclusives, specifically from third-party companions.

As always with leakages from experts, take it with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, there is precedent here, as both the updated alteration for the DS and the 3DS (the DSi and also New 3DS, specifically) did actually have special functions as well as titles, with maybe one of the most significant being Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the New 3DS. However, it was inevitably a tiny group of titles. And also, obviously, this Switch Pro hasn’t also been officially introduced, so we’ll have to wait for that before jumping also much ahead of ourselves.