Now, you’ve no doubt listened to the many swirling reports about an alteration for the Switch, which several have actually dubbed online as the ‘Switch Pro.’ We’ve been listening to lots and also great deals of various records regarding what the system will resemble. Currently we additionally have something that might indicate some redesigns for the system’s default controllers, the joy-cons.

YouTuber Mike Perez on his Nintendo Academy network uncovered a new license for the joy-cons. You can see the full video as well as a drawing of the patent listed below. Submitted initially on March second, this version of the joy-cons looks to have an upgraded and extra standard looking d-pad, which makes certain to make some pleased. Though one more thing that I think of will not make numerous happy is it appears this has the circle pad as opposed to a routine joystick. These were on the 3DS. As Perez guesses, this might be for the upcoming Switch over Pro, although it’s likewise feasible it might simply be for a standalone revision.

As always with licenses, it’s worth bearing in mind that companies file and also refile these things constantly for any kind of potential idea they have. It could, in the long run, mean nothing, but given that the Switch Pro revision is looking an increasing number of actual, it’s not hard to see some tiny redesigns such as this for its default controller.