Nintendo Change Pro rumours have actually been being available in thick and also rapid for a while, as well as with the evidence mounting that the expected equipment alteration is undoubtedly in the works, anticipation for an official announcement is expanding. Just recently, Nintendo released the 12.0.0 firmware upgrade for the Nintendo Switch over, and though the update itself was surprisingly light-weight in a lot of regards, it ends up it may have been concealing some recommendations to an upcoming Switch revision.

Over on Twitter, @OatmealDome has actually been excavating into the firmware upgrade’s files, and also seems to have discovered a lot of references that could be potentially pointing to a Switch Pro (or whatever Nintendo ends up calling it). In enhancement to what appear like referrals to 4K (which the Change Pro is presumably going to be qualified of) and the enhancement of being able to update the dock’s very own equipment with future updates, the firmware update, interestingly sufficient, also appears to refer to a new cradle (which is what a Switch dock is referred to as) for “Aula”- which, of course, is apparently the internal codename at Nintendo for the new Switch version, as previous datamining has discovered.

Recent reports have actually uncovered considerable details on the as-of-yet unannounced Change revision, from assistance for Nvidia’s DLSS to an OLED display for the tablet and also even more. It’s additionally been suggested that the hardware revision might receive some exclusive games, while a current license might additionally be hinting at a Joy-Con redesign.