In 2015 saw the launch of The Last of Us Component 2 to huge critical honor. The long in growth and also very prepared for video game was viewed as fairly an accomplishment by its fans, yet it did lack the mutliplayer mode that the first video game had. A brand-new hire indicate the prospective multiplayer title of some kind originating from the studio.

As reported by Gamespot, Naughty Pet Dog is in the procedure of working with for an Economic climate Developer for an undefined multiplayer job. Component of the description details searching for somebody to “create avenues for self-expression for our players, make sure durable longevity to our games, and also give our players terrific benefits to strive for.” The language here appears quite online service-based, though it’s hard to claim for sure. The Last of Us Component 2 is not explicitly mentioned below, however it was stated at one point that Factions would return in some style.

Mischievous Canine Co-President Neil Druckmann has prompted perseverance about their following job, so whatever this is could still be a ways off. Whether it’ll be an add-on to The Last people Component 2, a standalone variation of the Factions multiplayer or an entirely new project remains to be seen.