Xbox Game Pass’ value has been undeniable since pretty much the day the service kicked off, but of late, it’s improved in massive ways, most notably with twenty Bethesda games having joined its catalog in one go. Square Enix have also been joining in, with this year having seen the likes of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, and more recently, Octopath Traveler having joined Xbox Game Pass, while Outriders will also be available via the service on consoles on the day of its launch. And it seems the Japanese publisher has more in the pipeline as well.

Recently, IGN Korea, in a tweet talking about Octopath Traveler on Game Pass, wrote that Square Enix has “more than six” games currently planned for Xbox Game Pass, for which release schedules are being planned, and that apparently, it’s “an open secret in the industry.” Xbox insider Shpeshal Ed of Xbox Era also took to Twitter and wrote, “Expect a few more Square games on Game Pass. Not done yet.”

Of course, this is a rumour right now, and should be taken as such, but given how aggressively Microsoft has been pushing Game Pass, and the fact that Square Enix has been a part of that to some extent, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Recent reports have also suggested that Microsoft is working to get the Ubisoft Plus catalog on Xbox Game Pass, similar to the deal that brought EA Play to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Read more on that through here.