Rumours and leaks over the past few weeks have suggested that Microsoft is going to have a fair number of events scheduled throughout the coming weeks and months, through which they’re going to be making some pretty big announcements. And while those big announcements are, of course, likely going to be worth looking forward to, it seems Microsoft also plans on having a few smaller events here and there to complement its bigger conferences.

One such event came at the end of last month with the first ever Xbox indie showcase, but it seems more stuff is coming up. Over on ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley – who’s been known to be a credible Microsoft leaker in the past – recently published a report in which she stated that Microsoft will be hosting a series of smaller events at a regular basis, called “What’s Next”. The first of these, a “What’s Next for Gaming” event, is supposedly coming up “in the coming weeks.”

Microsoft does have a number of notable releases coming up, including the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X/S and Psychonauts 2, and both those games haven’t received any updates for a while now. An event in the coming weeks might be the perfect time to confirm release dates for such games.

Meanwhile, in a few days, Microsoft is going to be talking about Age of Empires 4 in an AoE-focused event. Plans for larger, more traditional conferences in the Summer are also underway. Additionally, reports have suggested that Microsoft and Bethesda are both going to have their own individual conferences around E3.