We are about to participate in a new generation gaming consoles, and also we’re at a really interesting time in the market where all 3 platform holders are kind of doing their very own thing by and large. While Nintendo is way out there in their globe, Microsoft and also Sony are more detailed competitors, but still fairly different as Sony advances the a lot more traditional course of software and hardware sales as Microsoft is starting to shift to even more clearly software application and also subscription-based models. However you understand, all practices have a tendency to resist, as well as often a little that console battle DNA glimpses up its head.

Xbox UK posted a tweet on their official Twitter regarding exactly how to switch your Xbox Series X from upright to straight. Without context, this simply seems to be random, however a lot of analyze it as something of a stab at Sony’s recent PS5 teardown, which you can see in complete via below, in which it was disclosed that in order to place the system horizontal you’ll require to detach the stand (which is screwed in) and clip it on the system’s back. The Series X, as you’ll see below, is a lot simpler as you simply lay it on its side.

The Xbox Series X and Series S is set to release on November 10 th while the PS5 will come a number of days later on the 12 th.