2020 has actually been a rough year. I don’t really think there’s any other way to say it, yet child, it’s one for the record books no question. At the very least, the holiday will certainly see the launch of new gaming consoles as well as brand-new video games to go along with them, for what that may deserve to you in whatever your existing scenario might be. While November is the date to pick up the console of your option, today was actually the day pre-orders went online for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S, and also they are commemorating the power of the Series X alongside that.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s premium console for next gen which is being aimed mainly at the core audiences while the Series S is a lot more in the direction of the casual and conventional target markets. The brief pre-order trailer brags on the system’s unparalleled power and rate, being the most powerful system (at the very least on paper, though some would certainly say that based on how the SSDs in both systems function) of the new generation of systems.

Both the Xbox Series X and S will certainly be readily available on November 10 th. Pre-orders are online currently for both, all the best searching them down.