Microsoft are choosing the “if it ain’t broke, do not fix it” approach as for the Xbox controller is worried. Though they are releasing a new Xbox controller to choose the launch of the Xbox Collection X and Series S, that controller will certainly have repetitive enhancements, as well as existing accessories will be ahead compatible.

They are, as a matter of fact, taking that ideology an additional advance, if a brand-new rumour is to be believed. According to The Edge editor Tom Warren, Microsoft will be including Dynamic Latency Input to existing Xbox One controllers in 2021, which will certainly function when the controllers are used with the two next-gen consoles.

Dynamic Latency Input, in case you aren’t mindful, is what Microsoft are calling the technology they’re utilizing to, in their very own words, “slash off valuable nanoseconds at every step of gameplay” in order to minimize latency and also make the on-screen action extra instant and responsive.

There is a concern of whether the Dynamic Latency Input ability included in Xbox One controllers will still be applicable if, state, the controllers are connected in to COMPUTER to play COMPUTER video games. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that Microsoft haven’t formally confirmed this yet, yet considering their stance toward building a cross-gen ecological community, this doesn’t appear like much of a stretch.

Regardless, stay tuned, and also we’ll allow you know if there are any more updates.