For some time now, it’s looked very unlikely that the Metal Gear IP will certainly ever see the light of day in any significant fashion ever once more, however lately, interesting developments have tested that concept. Rumours have actually been distributing that Konami is wanting to certify out the Metal Gear IP to developers for brand-new video games in the series (alongside other franchises), with one of the most current leak asserting that multiple Steel Equipment Solid remakes are in the works at Bluepoint Games.

It’s all-natural to be cynical of those rumours, especially seeing as Steel Equipment and also Konami are involved, yet it appears there may be some reality to them. David Hayter, who has actually articulated Solid Serpent as well as Big Employer in all Steel Equipment games passage Steel Gear Strong 5, was just recently inquired about the remake rumours in an interview with Dan Allen Gaming, and he stated that according to his own expert sources, a remake is without a doubt happening.

” You understand, I assumed it was just a rumour up until the day before yesterday,” Hayter stated. “And then I got a message from among the insiders stating they heard it might really be occurring.”

Of course, as Hayter goes on to add later on, him becoming aware of a remake from an expert is still a rumour as well as not a main verification, but David Hayter thinking that a remake is indeed occurring does provide a lot of credence to those rumours. There’s additionally the inquiry of if he will certainly be associated with any such remake task- his wording below seems to suggest he hasn’t had any type of participation until now, however, it might be very early days for that.

In any case, we’ll watch out for any kind of brand-new updates coming our means, so stay tuned.