There are few franchise business rather as epic as the Steel Gear Solid franchise business. Originally launching on the original PlayStation (though the collection started long in the past on the Japanese-only MSX), it had a sizable impact on video gaming that is still felt today.

A poster passing the name of Potterson published on the prominent ResetERA online forums that both Metal Gear Solid as well as Steel Gear Strong 2 would certainly be coming to COMPUTER “once again” (more than likely referencing both games having actually long forgotten PC ports that were prior to the electronic standard these days). Potterson obviously has a good record of leaks and moderators of the forum purportedly confirmed whatever details they offered.

It’s an instead unusual return for the series if it is undoubtedly just the very first 2 video games, largely since there was a HD Collection that collected MGS2, 3 and Tranquility Walker that one would certainly think would certainly be a lot simpler to port over. It’s additionally uncertain if this would only be for COMPUTER or also some kind of console launch as well or if we’re speaking concerning easy ports or something more akin to remasters.

As it stands currently, the only games easily offered in the series throughout numerous platforms is Metal Equipment Strong 5: Ground Zeroes as well as The Phantom Discomfort, the last mainline title in the collection, and also Metal Gear Make It Through, a survival-based offshoot that came out after the above. Will we see a return of the initial 2 video games soon?