Frictional Gamings are masters of the horror genre, with two superb games in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA under their belt. With their following video game, Amnesia: Rejuvenation, they’re going back to the start while bringing all of their proficiency from current years with them, and now we know precisely when we’ll reach dive into their newest horrible journey.

Amnesia: Rejuvenation will certainly be launching on October 20, in the nick of time for Halloween, Frictional Gamings have validated with a newly launched trailer. The trailer also shows plenty of gameplay video footage, showcasing a huge range of atmospheres, some usually claustrophobic looking gameplay areas, and what’s hinting to be a well-rounded frightening experience. Have a look listed below.

Amnesia: Rebirth will certainly be releasing for PS4 and COMPUTER. On COMPUTER, it will certainly be offered using Vapor, GOG, and the Legendary Games Shop. You can find out more concerning the video game through our meeting with innovative supervisor Thomas Hold as well as author Ian Thomas with here.