Frictional Games do not need to show themselves to anyone in the horror genre.

Talking in a meeting with Eurogamer, Amnesia: Regeneration imaginative director Thomas Hold said that the future horror title is, in several methods, a conclusion of Frictional’s work over the past decade, combining the narrative-focused technique of SOMA with the tighter as well as more grounded gameplay of Memory Loss: The Dark Descent

” Somehow, Memory Loss: The Dark Descent was a more recent and better version of Penumbra, and, somehow, I also think SOMA is a better variation of Amnesia,” Grasp said. “Among my inconveniences when doing Memory Loss was that the player really did not face the things we desired them to face when we initially made the designs. With SOMA though we went all in and desired people [to really] face the thematics … but it also felt like the gameplay didn’t hang as tightly together as it ought to have with the styles we wanted.”

” We’re trying to do what we performed in SOMA in regards to the overarching narrative, however we’re attempting to get back to much better lower-level gameplay– which I feel we had in Memory Loss— and after that incorporating those 2 together to form a really systematic and also good package,” he continued.

” We’ve discovered so much and also acquired so much self-confidence in doing SOMA, that currently I believe we can really do it on a purer scary experience as well, as well as that’s what we’re type of intending for with Regeneration,” Hold stated.

Memory Loss: Rejuvenation launches for PS4 and also PC on October20 You can learn more concerning the video game in our interview with Hold with below.