There have not been a heap of information on Frictional Games’ Amnesia: Regeneration, which is slated to launch simply prior to Halloween. The very first gameplay trailer has actually been launched politeness of IGN and also though it still stands for a job in progress, the general atmosphere must really feel familiar.

Memory Loss: Regeneration focuses on Tasi Trianon that’s embeded a desert in Algeria. She seemingly has no memory of what took place in the past few days as well as have to hence backtrack her actions while fighting for survival against unknown scaries. As the trailer showcases, there are a variety of problems to fix, like shooting a container cannon (which includes opening its rotation and changing the ammunition).

There’s even a door that goes down a real-time grenade when unlocked, which Tasi can choose up and also toss. Memory Loss: Rebirth is out on October 20 th for PS4 as well as COMPUTER.