Pre-order listings for the video game popped up at UK sellers last month, while just last week, a Portuguese retailer noted the game. As well as sellers, it appears, aren’t done leaking the video game prior to EA can ultimately reveal it themselves.
The Switch over listing in certain is fascinating, since preliminary rumours regarding the remaster suggested that it would not be coming to Nintendo’s console “at very first”- possibly EA’s strategies have changed since then (if this listing is accurate, that is). This also wouldn’t be the very first time we’ve seen merchant listings for a Change variation of the launch.

On the other hand, the listings likewise mention a release day of October 15 for the remastered collection, which is notable due to the fact that it falls in line with a recent reports that recommended that it would be formally introduced in early October and launched later in the month. We’ve got a screencap of the listing for you below, in instance it gets taken down quickly.

Of course, there’s an opportunity that this listing isn’t accurate, or at the very least based on any information the retailer is privy to and based rather on leaks and supposition- yet offered how much smoke there’s been of late, there’s got ta be a fire someplace around as well.

Regardless, we’ll keep you updated, so remain tuned.