As one of Marvel’s greatest properties and among the most prominent superhero characters of all time, there have been plenty of inquiries concerning whether Spider-Man will certainly be joining the roster of playable characters in Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel Avengers, specifically with the author having assured a stream of new usable characters coming to the video game following its launch as post-launch content. New proof could recommends that Spidey will indeed be concerning Wonder’s Avengers … but there’s a catch.

A listing for the game just recently took place on online store’s website, as well as the game’s description claimed that Spider-Man will be a usable character in the video game- however just on PS4. The listing has actually since been removed, yet you can take a look at its archived variation via right here.

Sony have an exclusive advertising and marketing deal with Square Enix for Wonder’s Avengers, which involves not only the PS4 obtaining access to the video game’s upcoming beta prior to various other systems, but likewise various other (as-of-yet unspecified) advantages as for the post-launch assistance is concerned. There’s likewise the fact that Sony holds the special legal rights to the Spider-Man certificate for video games and also movies, which is certainly an important element to take into consideration here.

Naturally, this hasn’t come with any type of official channels, so it’s ideal not to take this as verification as yet, yet if this does without a doubt turn out to be true, I assume scores of non-PlayStation players will certainly be very miserable about such major material being gated from them.

Square Enix just recently also verified that Hawkeye will certainly be the initial character to be included to the video game post-launch.