Hangar 13 as well as 2K Games’ full remake of the cherished 2002 classic Mafia is out now. To celebrate its launch, the authors have released a launch trailer, showing peeks of gameplay and cutscenes and giving you a preference of what to expect from this criminal activity epic.

Mafia: Conclusive Edition sees taxicab driver-turned mobster Tommy Angelo climbing via the ranks of the Salieri criminal activity family members after an opportunity encounter with 2 of its enforcers, while facing his own sense of principles, and also tackling opposing pressures in the city of Lost Paradise. While the remake maintains the story as well as critical gameplay aspects of the initial, it reworks every little thing from the visuals as well as the cutscenes to the script and the music, while additionally adding some brand-new gameplay elements, such as a fine-tuned open world style, new weapons, as well as the capacity to ride motorbikes.

Mafia: Definitive Version is offered on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In our evaluation of the game, we called it “a strong initiative that fans of the initial game will surely appreciate.” You can read our complete review through below. You can also check out our thorough technological analysis of the video game to see how it compares to the initial 2002 launch.