We know that the new video game will certainly have a new major character, which has actually been teased above, and also reports have actually come out concerning the brand-new actors of personalities as well as tale, as well as possibly being named Life is Strange: Real Color Styles Currently a lot more reports are out there that possibly details a great deal extra.

On a post at the preferred ResetERA video gaming discussion forums, a poster by the name of Meelow uploaded several brand-new details regarding the video game. He enhances some of the previous leakages, such as the primary character being a woman called Alex as well as having the capacity to read minds. They go right into more details, claiming that the area will certainly be a Midwestern community comparable to the setting of the first video game, that Alex is a bisexual Oriental American, will have two romance alternatives and also that part of her backstory will certainly be coming from foster care. He also specifies something regarding regulating a person with Mental deterioration to gain info, but it’s not completely clear what is implied there or what the context would be for the scenario.

As always with leaks, take points of this nature with a grain of salt, yet this greatly compares with a lot of previous points we have actually heard as well as feels like it would certainly fit the tone the series has actually opted for in previous titles. The video game is set to be revealed on March 18 th at the Square Enix Display. We’ll probably understand just how accurate this is after that.