Back when Microsoft and Nintendo were making a press for cross-platform play, Sony was determined about not signing up with in. The concern boiled over, however, when it obstructed crossplay for Fortnite in between the PS4 version and also various other platforms.

So when it eventually enabled crossplay support, the reaction seemed to have actually repaid. According to a file on “cross-platform plan, needs, and process” from August 2019, Sony instituted a cross-platform earnings share. This implied an author needed to pay the console maker royalties if PlayStation players dramatically influenced a title’s efficiency in order “offset the decrease in income.”

In his statement, he said that, “In specific circumstances Impressive will have to pay additional profits to Sony. He likewise outright confirmed that paying these fees is what at some point led to Fortnite sustaining crossplay on PS4.

Whether other publishers are subject to the same profits show to their video games– like Activision’s Telephone Call of Task: Warzone— as well as to what extent is unknown. It would certainly clarify the unexpected change in heart that Sony had for crossplay.