Epic Games have taken on a number of approaches to drive users to the Epic Gamings Shop, and after that to maintain customers there, as well as routine free gifts of large and tiny games alike has been just one of their main methods of doing that (alongside timed exclusives, obviously). Currently, papers submitted by Legendary for the continuous Epic v Apple case and now revealed (using @simoncarless on Twitter) have actually disclosed just how much money the firm paid to several programmers free of cost giveaway periods of their games.

A Few Of these are rather good numbers, such as $1.4 million spent for Subnautica ( which netted them over 800,000 new accounts, amounting to $1.74 paid by Legendary per each brand-new account), $1 million for Mutant Year No ( gaining them over 197,000 brand-new accounts, at $5.05 per account), and $1.5 million for the Batman: Arkham games (resulting in almost 614,000 brand-new accounts at $2.44 per account).

Quite a few of these video games, however, were worth amazingly low-value offers. Epic paid simply $50,000 for Super Meat Young Boy ($ 0.52 per new account), $45,000 for RiME ($ 0.47 per account), $80 for Axiom Edge ($ 0.64 per account), and also $75,000 for Fez ($ 0.70 per account). Even something like Alan Wake deserved just $150,000($ 2.37 per account), while the offer for For Honor was remarkably low with Impressive paying simply $63,000 for it ($ 0.53 per account)- though it’s possible that the reduced value affixed to For Honor specifically results from a larger bargain that Impressive has in place with Ubisoft’s general outcome.

The Legendary v Apple situation and the documents revealed for it have actually shed light on a great deal of various other details across the industry of late, from Sony’s cross-play plans to how Impressive Games changed their mind on it to a lot more. Keep tuned as more information comes out.