Square Enix’s announcement that Last Fantasy 7 Remake will certainly be concerning the PS5 wasn’t much of a shock, yet the enhancements they’re making to the video game most definitely are. The biggest of these is brand-new playable story material, featuring Wutai ninja Yuffie, who will be accompanied by Sonon, as they start a mission to Midgar to take the best materia from the Shinra Electric Power Business. Now, Square Enix have actually shared some even more brand-new details about the same (through Gematsu).

Episode Yuffie will be composed of 2 chapters within the video game, which, all in all, seems like a quite meaningful chunk of material (even though Square Enix haven’t place a specific figure on what the play for it will certainly be). Yuffie, who possesses a large shuriken as well as can also release ninjutsu attacks, will be efficient in both varied and up-close combat.

Last Dream 7 Remake Intergrade is out for the PS5 on June 10, and will cost $70 Those who already have the game on PS4 can update to the PS5 variation totally free, yet will certainly need to purchase the Yuffie DLC individually.