Kojima Productions was started by legendary game Director Hideo Kojima shortly after he left his longtime employer, Konami. Partnering with Sony, they released Death Stranding at the end of 2019, which was later released on PC. The game was probably not what many expected, and was more divisive than Kojima’s previous games, but it was quite the start for the new developer. Now it seems something important could be coming tomorrow.

Kojima Productions’ Audio Director, Ludvig Forsell, took to Twitter with a simple message: “Important news tomorrow.” As you can see below, that really is it. Forsell did work as a Composer on Death Stranding, and there are rumors that an Extended Edition of the game is coming, so it’s possible that could be related to that. The Art Director for the studio also teased that their next game could be coming ‘soon.’ It could also be a coincidence, however, and this is something not related to the studio and is something personal for Forsell.

Whatever it is, we’ll most likely find out tomorrow. While an extended version of Death Stranding for PS4 and PS5 has been teased by insiders, but has yet to materialize. As of now, there is also no idea of what the developer’s next game could be.