It’s time to once more go into the wild and crazy globe of the Square Enix as well as Disney mash up Kingdom Hearts collection. The franchise business is known for its twisting and also wonderfully intricate story told with 3 mainline titles as well as a significant amount of spin-offs. The most up to date one is Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, as well as we got some fresh displays from it.

The video game was introduced earlier this year, as well as we got the official launch date out of Nintendo’s out of nowhere Straight Mini yesterday, which you can see in complete below. We recognize there’s at the very least two even more unannounced Kingdom Hearts titles in growth, as well as all spin-off titles have had some relevance to the main tale, so keep your eye on this one.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will certainly launch November 13 th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also Switch.