Kena: Bridge of Moods was a shock disclose last year that caught the eye of several. At one point it was set to introduce alongside Sony’s PS5, however in the end, it got a hold-up.

In the latest concern of Authorities PlayStation Magazine (February 2021), Coal Lab Founder Josh Grier discussed the video game. He stated they are considering the video game as ‘vast linear’. That means that while there is a set main course, and not actually openly non-linear, there are points to discover sideways somehow as well as different avenues of development.

Maybe one of the most passion components is Grier appears to indicate you can unlock your means onward several ways. It’s unclear just how often you’ll obtain locate yourself in that circumstance, however it appears like a distinct means to take on progress, ideally we’ll see even more quickly.

Kena: Bridge of Moods is set to release at some time this year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 as well as PC. The video game has no main date, yet, however Sony recently showed that it was targeting a March launch.